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A Brief History

Over 100 years ago Faroese-Danish physician researcher, Niels Finen, found that ultraviolet light could effectively treat skin disorders.  He was awarded the 1903 Nobel Prize for Medicine because of his use of UV light against lupus vulgaris which is tuberculosis of the skin.

Walter Ude, an MD from Minneapolis, reported a series of 100 cases of Erysipelas (an acute Streptococcus bacterial infection) in the 1920s, claiming a nearly 100% cure rate with UV skin irradiation.

By 1942, obstetrician Dr. Virgil K. Hancock had successfully treated 6,520 patients using UBI without any harmful effects whatsoever. Nearly every time it was used it cured infections and toxicity.ThriveMD Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVB) Therapy


The age of antibiotics and vaccines had dawned and the enthusiasm was palpable. UBI therapy would take a back seat despite the fact that for certain indications (hepatitis, viral pneumonia, and streptococcal toxemia) is was proven demonstrably superior.  Unfortunately, research into this effective therapy came to a virtual halt.

1990’s to present

There are over 250 practitioners in the US, 3,000 in Europe and thousands more throughout the world who use this treatment. Over 1 millions UBI treatments have been successfully administered with astounding results and minimal side effects to patients.

Medical benefits that have been documented. **

Changes in the blood:

  • Increase in erythrocytes
  • Increase in hemoglobin
  • Increase in white blood cells
  • Increase in basophilic granulocytes
  • Increase in lymphocytes
  • Lowers of thrombocytes

Clotting changes:

  • Lowering of fibrin
  • Normalization of fibrinolysis
  • Trend towards normalization of fibrin-split products
  • Lowering of platelet aggregation

Blood parameter changes:

  • Lowering of full-blood viscosity
  • Lowering of plasma viscosity
  • Reduction of elevation red blood cell aggregation tendencies

Metabolic changes:

  • Increase in arterial P02
  • Increase in venous P02
  • Increase in arterial venous oxygen difference
  • Increase in peroxide count
  • Fall in oxidation state of blood
  • Increase in acid-buffering capacity
    and rise in blood pH
  • Reduction in blood pyruvate content
  • Reduction in blood lactate content
  • Improvement in glucose tolerance
  • Reduction in cholesterol count, transaminases and creatine levels

Hemodynamic changes:

  • Elevation of poststenotic arterial pressure
  • Increase in volume of circulation

Improvement in immune defenses:

  • Increase in phagocytosis capability
  • Increase in bactericidal capacity of blood
  • Modulation of immune system

Other healing effects of UBI include:

  • Increase tolerance of body towards radiation and chemotherapy
  • Increased oxygen, dilation of blood vessels, improved flow of structure of the blood along with better microcirculation.
  • Activation of metabolic processes and improvement of their regulation.
  • Stimulation for the production of red blood cells.
  • Rapid positive changes in cell and blood plasma.

** The Cure that Time Forgot:

Success Stories:

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“Two siblings, 8 and 10, had suffered with Lyme disease to the degree that they could no longer function in school.  After three weeks of UBI treatments, they were restored to complete health and were able to return to school” – Utah MD

~Viral Heart~

“I couldn’t walk for more than a block because of viral heart disease that doctors had finally given up on.  After just two treatments I walked two miles in the cold with ease which is something I would NEVER have tried before.  – Carl


“I lived for 5 years with a horrible rash on my face.  After one UBI treatment it completely disappeared.  It was a miracle!” – Jessica


“I was covered with shingles from head to buttocks and was horribly uncomfortable.  The hospital gave me no relief.  After one UBI treatment, my shingles were gone!” – Florida Patient



~As Good as Dead~

“She was a mess and was told that she would die in a few days.  Two UBI treatments later, she did a 180 turn around.  It was without precedent…this this is really a modern wonder. – Nevada MD


A Russian study* assessing complications in 2,380 sessions of UBI therapy reported 12 patients reacted to the ultraviolet blood irradiation resulting in shivering (4 cases), hypotension (2 cases), nasal bleeding (3 cases) and hypoglycemia (1 case).

*Marochkov AV, Doronin VA, Kravtsov NM. “Complications in ultraviolet irradiation of the blood” Anesteziol Reanimatol. 1990 Jul-Aug;(4):55-6.

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