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Most people throughout their lives have been taught to think of medical care as something which is largely reactive – that is, you go to the doctor when you’re sick, or when unusual symptoms arise. The fact is that’s just a part of what a physician can do for you. Today, many people are realizing that one of the most critical aspects of good medical care and optimal health is being proactive with their health care – visiting a physician when they are well, to have tests and other clinical assessments made that can help keep them at their healthy best.

The traditional health care system has historically focused on expensive cures for illness and disease rather than focusing on effective prevention, and the treatment of health. For the first time in 200 years, the life expectancy in today’s children may be less than that of their parents. The major causes of death in our current population are due almost exclusively to a lack of exercise, over-nutrition of nutrient-depleted food, and unchecked stress. These three modifiable risk factors are leading to unprecedented rates of various chronic diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease and cancer. These conditions lead to a shorter lifespan for many but perhaps, even more importantly, a decrease in the quality of those years.

While some of these factors may be unavoidable in today’s society, having your body “tuned-up” to best deal with them is sure to be helpful. Imagine if you were able to sleep better, wake up with the energy and vigor to exercise and confront the obstacles of a new day and still had energy left over when you got home to do the things you wanted to do. Imagine if your body was the high-performance machine that it was designed to be, operating in top form.

thriveMD is here to help clients take a proactive approach to their personal health. This type of wellness care is known as health optimization, and it’s an area that is rapidly growing in popularity among patients of all ages. At its most effective, health optimization involves more than immunizations and the occasional blood test. In a true health optimization program, a physician relies on a detailed health and personal lifestyle history to design a proactive healthcare regimen to keep patients as healthy as possible.

At thriveMD, we approach health from a whole-body perspective by prescribing a wide range of tests specifically tailored to identify and diagnose underlying deficiencies and provide treatments designed to treat them effectively. Health optimization involves all areas of wellness; hormone optimization, healthy weight management, lifestyle modification, vitamin and nutrient supplementation when appropriate and abstaining from smoking or drug abuse to name a few.

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