It has been said that: “our hormone levels don’t decrease because we age; we age because our hormone levels decrease”

ThriveMD Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

Although there is no “fountain of youth” many studies have shown the benefits and safety of raising hormone levels to the optimal (but not excessive) range using high quality bio-identical hormone replacement. These bio-identical hormones are similar to the hormones your body produces.

Synthetic hormones, which are chemically different than the ones produced in the body, come with a whole host of side effects and even cancer. Bio-identical hormones have been shown to have significantly less side effects and offer tremendous benefit to a person’s mental, as well as physical



Hormones have developed a bad reputation for 2 main reasons:

  1. Abuse by athletes or bodybuilders
  2. Side effects caused by synthetic hormones.

In the first example this is obviously an excessive use of hormones. In the second example the side effects have been shown to be causes by the differences in these synthetic hormones from the ones our bodies produce themselves. Bio-identical hormone replacement using bio-identical hormones has been shown to have little if any negative effect while giving tremendous benefit.

Our comprehensive bio-identical hormone replacement program involves filling out our intake questionnaire, an interview with our staff, lab draw to check your current levels and then a follow up appointment or letter to discuss what we found and how we can help you feel better.

Following this we will just need to have periodic follow-up appointments to monitor your blood levels and progress. Once your levels are stable, and you are feeling better, this may be as infrequently as once a year.

Benefits of Bio-identical Hormones in both sexes:

  • Restores optimal hormonal balance to the body
  • Helps to regain vitality
  • More effective for most than synthetic hormone replacement therapy
  • Less dangerous than synthetic hormone replacement therapy
  • Fewer interactions with other medications
  • Custom Compounded: individually matched and tailored to you
  • Body recognizes the hormones, and uses them as naturally intended
  • Combats the declining levels associated with the aging process!
  • Helps restore bone density and reduces the risk of Osteoporosis
  • Has been shown to reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Supports maintenance of muscle strength and lean muscle mass
  • Helps to improve memory and concentration
  • Improved cholesterol profile and level
  • Can reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Helps to enhance sex drive and libido
  • Provides balanced state for healthy fat-burning due to increased lean muscle mass
  • Increased stamina, energy and endurance
  • Help with Depression
  • Improves blood flow
  • Supports immune function
  • Helps improve blood sugar levels
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Decreases inflammation and joint pain
  • Increase productivity and creativity in personal life

Benefits of Bio-identical Hormones Specific to Women:

  • Menopause symptoms may go away
  • Reduces vaginal dryness
  • Helps eliminate hot flashes
  • Helps reduce night sweats
  • May help protect against Fibrocystic Breasts
  • May help reduce endometrial and breast cancer


Benefits of Bio-identical Hormones specific to Men:

  • May more effectively treat hypogonadism
  • May increase sperm production
  • Nourishes all tissues of urinary and reproductive system

Optimizing hormone levels can be a life-changing experience when done correctly!